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Give Me 5 Minutes And I'll Show You How Zumba Can Help You Maintain Your Ideal Weight As Easily As Turning On A Tap!

Zumba has fast become an extremely popular workout concept, transforming the way people view and engage in exercise. Zumba choreography incorporates hip-hop, squats, lunges, martial arts, salsa, meringue and mambo. It is a Latin-inspired cardio-dance workout that uses music and choreographed steps. With a slogan like “Ditch the workout, join the party!” it isn’t any surprise that Zumba has enticed millions of people to join the party while reaping the health benefits. The following 3 reasons will quickly show you how Zumba’s aerobic dance approach to a healthy lifestyle can help you maintain your ideal weight:

1. It’s fun!

It’s true that Zumba participants eagerly await their next opportunity to lose weight like no other! Zumba encompasses a myriad of dance beats from Latin America, India, Brazil and the Caribbean, so learning the dance moves is a huge part of the fun. It also means that you won’t get bored with the same old repetitive classes and there’s always room to improve or ramp up intensity. There’s no denying Zumba is a whole lot of fun, and if the workout’s fun, you’re more likely to return time after time. You’ll be more consistent with your exercise, see the results faster, and ultimately be more inclined to stick with it.

2.  Burns Calories, fast!

Aerobic / cardio activities have been shown to be highly effective at burning calories. Aerobic activity essentially involves getting your heart rate up and keeping it up for a sustained period of time. Research has found that participating in a single Zumba fitness class burned an average of 369 calories, that’s more than classes like power yoga, aerobics or kickboxing. You’ll be so busy learning the dance moves and enjoying yourself, you’ll be burning calories without even noticing! Zumba is also a weight-bearing exercise that helps build bone and muscle strength, while improving flexibility and strengthening core.

3. The power of interval training!

Interval training burns more calories and improves cardiovascular capacity and performance. It simply means alternating between bursts of intense activity and intervals of lighter activity. Zumba does exactly this - warming you up gently before throwing you into fast rhythms, then allowing you to catch your breath on the slow rhythms. The class instructor will follow interval training techniques throughout the 60 minute session to maximise fat-burning, enabling you to reach and maintain your ideal weight with ease.