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With a great passion for exercise science Victor has helped a number of people during his 16 years of experience in the fitness industry. He is proud to mention that he has committed his life to his career.

Coming from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where there is a huge demand for fitness and health, Victor has worked with a variety of clients, such as kids, adolescents, adults and seniors. As an Exercise Physiologist he has assisted clients with medical conditions and also international competing athletes.

With a passion for continuous knowledge in the fitness industry, he completed his Post-graduation in Exercise Physiology and his Bachelor Degree in Sports Science.

His current focus is assisting athletes with peak performance. Victor treats every client as an individual and will focus on their strength and weakness so that he can maximise their ability to give their best in every single session.

Victor’s qualities are commitment, focus, discipline, persistence, self-drive.

“Get fit to play sports — don’t play sports to get fit”